“Dr. Leroy performed an L5 S1 discectomy on me. She was incredibly easy to talk to and made me feel at ease with the surgery that I was extremely nervous to have. She was available for any and all questions I had and still have. I was in pain for months. My surgery was a success and my leg pain has improved by 75-80% at only six weeks out. She is extremely knowledgable and I would, and have, highly recommended her. Thank you Dr. Leroy!!!”

“Dr. LeRoy performed a laminectomy on my spine, L2-L5, six weeks ago. She did an amazing job and I feel better than I have in the last 2 years. I had been dealing with severe leg pain unable to walk 100 yards but now after just six weeks I’m walking up to 2 miles per day, not all at once, but with absolutely NO leg pain. Dr. LeRoy is a true professional in every way. She is so thorough when explaining what she will be doing & answers any & all questions. I highly recommend her ! Can’t thank her enough for getting me back being active.”

“Dr. LeRoy performed an L5/S1 micro-discectomy on my back due to a large disc herniation. Before surgery, I had partial foot drop, numbness, back pain, and nerve pain in my lower leg and foot. When I met Dr. LeRoy, I was skeptical about having back surgery. I have always said- I will never have back surgery. During our initial visit, Dr. LeRoy listened compassionately to everything I had to say. She never interrupted me or rushed me through any questions. She was extremely open and honest about what she felt my options were and the outcomes I could expect. At the end of our initial visit, I was confident that she could help me with my symptoms and agreed to have surgery.

Dr. LeRoy clearly explained the discectomy to my husband and me in a non-intimidating way we could both understand. She even got on the phone with me later that day to answer more questions.

Thanks to Dr. LeRoy, my surgery went well. I have regained most of the strength in my leg and foot. The nerve pain I had is diminishing, and my back pain is all but gone and I am only six weeks post op.

Dr. LeRoy was supportive before, during, and post-surgery. That is a rare find in the surgical world. The best part about Dr. LeRoy is you know she must be a girl genius to do what she does and have accolades upon accolades written about her, and you would think that would make her hard to relate to, but that is not the case. She is also a kind, compassionate, down-to-earth person. I am so lucky that she was my surgeon. Thank you, Dr. LeRoy!”